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Telepathy is a process in which a thought, feeling, or movement is said to be transmitted from one person to another without personal contact or other communication between them. An example of telepathy might be that one man in New York City “knows” that his friend in California is feeling pain at a particular moment. Telepathy and clairvoyance (special ability to know things) are the two main subjects of a field called extrasensory perception, which means knowing or feeling something that has not come to a person through sight or hearing or any of the other senses.

Almost all claims of clairvoyance or telepathic powers can be readily proved to be false, but a few scientists have attempted to clarify the problem through carefully controlled experiments. Such experiments have, for example, been carried on for some years by psychologists at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, and at other places. These experiments have not convinced many scientists that telepathy is actually possible.

Here’s an interesting video about it:

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Patch 2.10

diablo 3 patch 2.10

Transcribed from video:

Greetings Nephalem, and welcome to patch 2.10. In this video we will be reviewing our first major content patch for Reaper of Souls. Let’s get started.


Our biggest feature is a competitive system were calling seasons. Seasons are similar to Diablo II’s ladder and offers heroes the opportunity to play fresh, new characters from level 1. Season are considered a completely different game mode. As a result, seasonal characters will have their own stash, artisan progression, gold, and paragon levels. You can create both normal and hardcore seasonal characters. Let’s talk about seasonal rewards. Many new legendaries will be introduced each season, and seasonal characters will have the fist opportunity to get their hands on these items. If seasons aren’t your thing, don’t worry. Once the season ends, these items will be added to the regular loot pool so everyone will have the chance to find them. Each season participant will also earn one piece from a new and exclusive transmogrification set. Every season you play will net you a new piece from this special set. So join the fun and you’ll get to show off in style.


Conquests are new season-only achievements. They represent a variety of challenges, from defeating Malphael on Torment 6, from speed running the entire campaign in under an hour. Conquests are available to both normal and hardcore heroes, so you’ll be able to tackle these challenges in your preferred game mode. Conquests grant achievement points that contribute to your seasonal total. There are also tracked on the regional leaderboards on a first come, first served basis. The first 1,000 players to complete a conquest will be immortalized on the leaderboarsd on that season.

When a season ends, your seasonal characters will become standard hardcore or normal mode heroes, as approriate. Rewards you’ve earned during a season including items, gold, artisan recipes, pargon experience, and achievements, will all carry over. Any items left in your sesaonal stash will be mailed to you.

Greater Rifts

In addition to seasons, we’re also introducing Greater Rifts, which are competitive forms of Nephalem Rifts featuring a progress timer. You will have 15 minutes to spawn and defeat the Rift Guardian, where faster runs will bring greater rewards. To enter a Greater Rift, you’ll first need to acquire a keystone of trials from a regular rift guardian and then visit the Nephalem Obelisk to enter the Realm of Trials. The Realm of Trials is a small arena designed to evluate your ability to defeat waves of enemies. Upon completing this trial, you’ll receive an appropriately challenging Greater Rift key.

To create a Greater Rift portal, simply bring your Greater Rift key to the Greater Obelisk in town. Greater Rifts are tracked by a new progress bar that compares your monster kill count to the time remaining. Monsters grant progress based on their health and level of difficulty. So tackling those elite and champion packs will have a greater payoff than your average minion. Note that monsters in Greater Rifts don’t drop loot, and the rewards for the entire Greater Rift will instead drop off the Rift Guardian at the end.

Greater Rifts are much more challenging and should be played strategically. When playing in Greater Rifts, please keep the following rules in mind. Some teleport and ressurection functions have been disabled. In addition, you’ll be unable to swap gear or skills, so be sure to plan accordingly. When you defeat a Greater Rift guardian, you’ll be greeted by a new NPC named Irshi. If you complete the Greater Rift before the time expires, you’ll have two options for rewards: a chance to add a rank to your existing legendary gems, or a higher level Greater Rift keystone. Should your time expire in a Greater Rift, the Rift Guardian will automatically be summoned. While you won’t be able to continue your Greater Rift journey after the guardian has been defeated, you’ll still have the chance to upgrade one of your legendary gems, potentially adding multiple ranks at higher Greater Rift levels. Aim high, and you’ll be greatly rewarded for your efforts.


To support seasons and Greater Rifts, we’re adding leaderboards for each system. These leaderborads will allow players to track their progress for Greater Rifts, seasonal achievement points, and seasonal conquests. Designed to be informative and detailed, leaderboards will allow you to compare your progress to that of your gameplay region, friends, and clan members. Each type of board will track progress a little differently.

Greater Rift leaderboards will display rankings for both hardcore and normal heroes, as well as seasonal and non seasonal heroes. In addition, you’ll be able to sort them by group composition, including solo play for each class, 2 player, 3 player, and 4 player groups. As conquests and seasonal achievement point totals are season only features, these leaderboards will only track information for seasonal characters. Conquests and achievement points are account-wide, so while some challenges will require playing in a particular mode, there’s no need to sort normal and hardcore information separately.

Itemezation Updates

While many items are being revisited in patch 2.10, we want to highlight some specific overhauls. First off, two-handed weapons have recieved an increase in base damage across the board. The damage will apply retroactively, and any two-handed weapon a player has will be updated automatically. We’ve also added unique powers to several existing legendary items. Existing versions of these legendaries will not be retrofitted with these new abilites, so you shouldn’t feel the need to hang onto them.

New Environments

Have you ever wondered what’s on the other side of that treasure goblin’s portal? Wonder no more! With patch 2.10, each time you defeat a treasure goblin, there is a small chance he’ll leave a portal to the vault. This mystical area features dangerous new enemies and riches beyond your wildest dreas. So don’t let that next goblin get away! We’ve also added a new environment to Nephalem Rifts: cesspools. Cesspools were originally designed to be sewers of Westmarch. While we couldn’t fit them in Act V for the release of Reaper of Souls, you now have the chance to explore this festering, dank environement in any Greater or regular Nephalem Rift.

This wraps up our overview of patch 2.10. While we’ve covered some of the largest features, there is plenty more to discover in our patch notes. So be sure to check them out.

How Good is the Wii U Internet Browser?

wii u browser on youtube

The Wii U comes with a channel that functions as a dedicated Internet browser. This got a lot of players excited, thinking that they could surf the Internet in between game rounds. The reality of what you can use the internet browser for may be different than what you think. You may not quite be able to abandon your dedicated Internet tablet or smartphone. The first thing you should know is what your expectations should be of an Internet browser that is bundled with a game controller.

While the new Wii U controllers feature a touch screen that makes accessing the Internet on their dedicated channel easy, you have to understand why Nintendo would have included this in their channel design. The main motivation behind bundling in an Internet channel on any gaming system isn’t so you can surf, shop or hang out online – it is the result of finding out what gamers use the Internet for while gaming.

The majority of gamers go online during a game in order to look up gaming FAQs, tip sheets or to watch video reviews of games or hint videos. They aren’t going on to read to check the price of stocks or use the Internet for any other purpose. If you keep this motivation in mind, you will discover that the Wii U Internet browser is one of the best available that is included with a game controller.

Ease of control

The Wii U focuses on providing touch screen controls for navigating web pages which is a step beyond the pointer style navigation that the old controllers offered, and that many of the other gaming companies still rely on. You can scroll and then tap areas to select or then type in text off the touch type keypad that will appear on the screen. You can also touch control all the various navigations options on a page.

Loading speed

One downside to the Wii U Internet Browser is that it has a slower load time than you may be used to on other devices. It appears to mostly affect none gaming related sites and sites that are not maximized for mobile phones. You can watch YouTube videos using the browser but you are better off just using the channel that is connected to Netflix and Hulu for that.

Is it really worth it?

For what it is meant to do, provide you with a quick and immediate access to Internet resources to enhance your game play, the Wii U Internet Browser is perfect. It isn’t just perfect; it is miles ahead of the other browsers used by its competition. It you are hoping to use your controller as your one device for all things Internet, you will be disappointed. Fortunately, there isn’t any additional cost associated with running the Wii U Internet Browser on your device. If you don’t need it, leave it alone. If you do need it, then it is there for you.

Why the Story Works in Battlefield 4

battlefield 4 tank

In the latest multi-player Battlefield 4 edition, you are again driven into a chronological story line that allows you to play the first person shooter on an absolute mission. This time around you have to rescue some kidnapped VIPs. There are Russians and Chinese involved and nothing is easy. While you won’t find much in the way of diplomacy in this new version, while will find tons of new weapons, stats upgrades and more. Battlefield 4 has been released on just about every gaming platform that is popular. It is fast paced, exciting and even allows for multi-player action.

Why the Linear Style Works Better for this Type of Game

The old fashioned linear story line of Battlefield 4 can take some getting used to if you are coming off other game lines. Once you get the hang of it you can see the advantages it can give you in solving the various puzzles and conquering challenges. One of the advantages to the linear method of storytelling is that it gives you a greater opportunity for mapping and learning the secrets that are tucked along the way. In fact it can work to your advantage to die a few times just to be able to try as many different routes and attacks before making a dead run to rescue the VIPs for real.

What is Different in the Style of Play

If you aren’t used to a linear story line the way the game works will be confusing at first. When a game is described as “linear” it doesn’t really imply that there is one path to follow, but that there is a sequence of accomplishments that has to occur in order for you to complete the game. In other non-linear game styles it is often the accumulation of a set point amount that determines whether or not you have finished a level; in Battlefield 4 it comes down to whether or not you have achieved a goal. That goal comes from having completed a series of stepped and interlocking puzzles or actions. You can’t power up and blast through to get the VIPs. You have to follow an order of accomplishment.

Can you Use Strategy in a Linear Game?

A lot of people who are not fans of the linear game style will claim that it prevents you from using any strategy and becomes a “paint by number” game style action. Nothing could be further from the truth. The strategy you can employ in Battlefield 4 can be complex, the difference is that it will also be very focused. Because you are on a defined mission, and have a sequence that has to be accomplished to complete the mission you have to plan your resources and attacks in advance. Especially if you are working with a team this can get very complicated! Unlike open play where acquiring is the goal, there is more patience and planning involved even though the level of action is as fast and engaging.